Meditation for Kids facilitated by Egle and Jeyaprakash

Children these days, are more aware as a part of the Evolutionary change (cosmic cycles). They are born with a greater connection to their Self and Surrounding. They have the ability to observe more at a subtle level and also have a Natural ability, to create an Impact at a Subtle Level.

They do also face more challenges due to their extra sensitivity and receptivity, for they feel the disturbance in their immediate surrounding, if any, at Physical, Emotional and Mental levels. They require a loving and supporting environment and ways to stay tuned to their Sensitivity and become Change Makers of the Future.

Integrating a daily meditation shall greatly accelerate their Inner Growth and help them Evolve as Potential Guides for the future generation. In our program, we introduce them the ways to Honour their Sensitivity and find greater balance through Meditation.

We welcome Kids in the age group of 5-12 once a months for our meditation sessions to Explore themselves and to Have fun!

  • When: 4 pm, 24 July 2021
  • Where: Sri Ma, Yoga Room above the Spa
  • Email : Ph/WA:+91 98431 34414

Note: Parents are welcome for having a quick discussion after the Meditation, to discuss issues with Sensitive children. Meditation only for kids.