Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) Presents:

ArtCare- Tips For Family Heritage

  • When: 6:00 PM (IST), 06 November 2021
  • Where: Online
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Over a lifetime we collect many keepsakes, which when passed down over generations become treasured artefacts that help us reconnect with stories from our past. Taking measures to care for these objects ensure that we get to hold on to them that much longer and revere the stories they narrate.

Empower yourself to take care of your heirlooms, photographs, paintings, antiques, jewellery, and textiles in this masterclass with art conservator-restorer Anupam Sah. Send us a picture of an artefact with your questions, or keep your objects beside you and ask your questions and he will answer them live, sharing tips and techniques for the care and preservation of your family heritage.

You can write to with your pictures and questions or send us a message on our Instagram (@mapbangalore).

A floral decorated faience serving dish, Unknown, Mid 20th century, Tin glazed earthenware

Art Conservator-Restorer 

Anupam Sah, an art conservation-restoration practitioner, strategist, and educator, is the Head of Art Conservation, Research, and Training at the CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre. He addresses art and heritage conservation issues with a network approach where judicious interventions in the networks can bring about desired impacts in the system. He designs and conducts conservation workshops and training programmes and teaches at universities. His primary interest these days is to help strengthen the art conservation profession in India by collaborating with motivated institutions and individuals. His services as a heritage conservation advisor have been sought by various national and international cultural institutions. He has been conferred with the ‘Sanskriti Award for Social and Cultural Achievement’, UNESCO commendations, and ‘Knighthood of the Order of the Star of Italy’ for excellence in art conservation. He has founded Anupam Heritage Lab (India) Pvt. Ltd., and the Himalayan Society for Heritage and Art Conservation.