Dear Auroville friends,

AV Today is calling for creative expressions from the lockdown from Aurovilians, Newcomers, friends, workers. A part of our June-July double issue will feature some of our homegrown responses to this time.
So if you have found the muse calling during the quiet time please let us know. Whether it’s poetry, painting, film making, music, photography, prose, dance, drama or any other inspirations, please connect with us.

We can’t guarantee to print your contributions, we reserve the right to edit, and the word limit for prose and poetry is preferably 500 words, but please contact us and send us your creative endeavour. If it’s a film or a large document, please email an outline first. Our final deadline is May 2 but the sooner the better. 

In creative fraternity
Peter, Valentina, Mariana

You got them lockdown blues
it’s making you paint in heightened hues
the muse is forcing your creativity open
poems merge out of your pen
painting inner vistas
singing to new listeners
so film, write, paint, perform on your cues
and send them to AV Today’s Lockdown Blues