LinD-exhibitionFINAL_1000The Canadian Pavilion & Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
in collaboration with
Komali MeDi Clown Academy

Light in Darkness
by Hamish

Book Launch and
Exhibition of Original Poetry and Photographs

Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
Sunday, December 27
4:30 pm Gathering
5:00 pm Inauguration followed by tea

Photo and Poetry Exhibition runs till Wednesday, January 13

Light in Darkness is an inquiry and exploration into the human condition. It examines light and darkness wrestling in the heart, mind, and body. Using different points of view, it addresses consumption, justice, injustice, grief, joy, anger, death, wonder and immortality. What motivates the indivisible mindful contemplation and action both within the person and out in the world that is necessary in the practice Integral Yoga?