Komali is a young social enterprise that offers an integral training and holistic approach to healing for people in healthcare (hospitals, homecare, clinics), Education (schools, colleges, universities) and business (self-help groups, corporations) in villages and cities.

Its founders had developed and tested the concept in Canada and wanted to bring its fulfilling outcomes to the context of India. The idea of introduce “clown” in the medical healing process is very ancient (ancient art of clowning “Vedusta” in Sanskrit) its powerful effects are now subject of scientific research in modern times. Komali is the Tamil word for clown.

If we laugh frequently we:

  • are more motivated, alert and attentive
  • learn faster and retain what we have learned over longer periods
  • have greater harmony among peers that lead to less ragging and teasing
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • have many healthy effects as; releases tension, regulates blood pressure, improves the heart, reduces pain, boosts immune system, increases circulation, relaxes the muscles, …