MMC/CP is happy to bring you…

14 new movies from Kino Kabaret 

Kino Kabaret is a challenge to produce a short film within a limited timeframe. 

From 4th to 8th April a new Kino Kabaret took place thanks to the Kino Auroville group (a project of MMC/CP).

At 4pm on the 4th April all the participants received an email with the rules of the game:

All films must:

1. take place within the home
2. contain these two objects: a sticky tape and a pressure cooker
3. be uploaded before 4pm on Wednesday 8th April 2020
4. be between 30 seconds and 6 minutes long  

In 4 days, 14 videos were scripted, shot, edited and uploaded to Auroville Kino Monthly platform

You can watch them here:


Kino is a film-making movement, founded in 1999 in Montreal, that advocates the production of short-films on little to no budget, using small crews, and non-competitive collaboration. 

Kino Auroville is planning a second Kino Kabaret to help connect us during these isolating days.