Iono [Claire]

A painter and cinematographer, Claire was born in 1969, in Paris.

Ever since she was a little girl, Claire, said she would live several lives in one. True to her word, she explored many different paths before placing her art practice at the centre of her life.

Claire was initially trained in France by a Bauhaus painter who spontaneously offered to share her knowledge with her, it was one of the lovely encounters that changed her life; one of the many she has had on her path. Continuing her artistic journey, she explored in the direction of traditional arts and was trained in the Japanese painting technique Sumi-e, which had a profound impact on her development as an artist; pushing her to evolve her practice and research, it taught her to look at the world through another set of eyes.

She is also a cinematographer. Some years back, Claire was presented with the opportunity to be trained in the art of film-making. She quickly started making movies and soon discovered in this new medium a continuity of her artistic work. Her camera of choice is a cinema camera because the aesthetic of the images is one of the main focus of her work: Claire films with the eyes of a painter.

For Claire her art practice is one and of one piece with her decision to walk a spiritual path. She has taught art and cinematography for a number of year and is currently working with her partner, who is also an artist, on a video art installation. Together they have developed a film-making apprenticeship program where they share their knowledge with adults.


My paintings are a visual narrative that describe an inner journey of unfolding. They are a true expression of my own personal adventure to fulfil the profound spiritual longing that is at the core of my artistic research. I am moved by a deep desire to paint an unearthly love, at the same time, I am always wishing to leave space for the unexpected to happen.

The never-ending exploration of nature… all of nature, can be found in my work. I intuitively fluctuate between the abstract and the figurative, creating subtle worlds that evoke imaginary and symbolic landscapes, where nature is animated. In my paintings there are no boundaries between realms, instead they simply unfold into each other in a kind of continuum.

As a child I always had a special relationship with paper, which is why for many years I worked on this media exclusively. During this period, I interacted with different kind of papers: rice, mulberry, cotton and many more, mixing materials and exploring textures. Then, 2 years ago, my focus began to shift towards a space that is all about light and evocation and I started to move away from paper. I am currently interested in researching mediums that allow me to reach for lightness and transparency. I work with organic and inorganic natural pigments to obtain vibrant and translucent colours, and I am also investigating monochromes. Exploring the many nuances that one colour can have and how it enters into a dialogue with the imaginary of the viewer.

In the forms of Japanese and Chinese art that I studied, everything is about black ink on white paper, redefining how we think about space, substance and form. They are deeply concerned with the stroke, the lines and the harmony of the different elements, as well as with the shapes that contain symbols within themselves, which represent and transcend our understanding. Art is essentially seen as something that is pure. In the truth of our being everything is pure, and my work aspires to this purity which I seek to attain through a practice of simplicity. I wish to give my full attention to each detail, to each vibration; to each harmony.


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