‘I want this label to be remembered in the future,’ says Auroville artist Jyoti Naoki Eri on launching Nādāsana

Article by Anurag Tagat, Published on music plus

When Japan-origin, Auroville music composer and multidisciplinary artist Jyoti Naoki Eri first discovered the existence of ‘The Voyager Golden Records’ from 1977, he says it was “astonishing”. The records featured sounds and images representing life and culture on Earth, in the hope that an extra-terrestrial life may come across it and better understand our planet.

“The imagination of the people to consider this totally different level of communication, without any expectation of concrete result filled me with wonder. It taught me something important about art and even attitude of life,” says Eri who has studied art all his life, majorly delving into sculpting and training under various scholars including his artist parents.

Since 2005, he’s been staying in Auroville teaching art and design, but he’s recently launched his label Nādāsana with the curation of its first compilation album ‘Inter​-​Galactic Sonar Communication Probe Vol​.​1’.

Released in July, it ties together the artist’s spiritual philosophies, his love for ambient music and his childhood fascination with space exploration. The “worldwide project” as Eri terms it, features 11 artists from around the world who have created 13 ambient tracks (including two bonus tracks). The concept is inspired by The Voyager Golden Records, adapting it to a not-too-distant future of the year 2102.

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