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There’s a world of difference between the truth and an understanding of something. Can we ever find out the truth about the past? This is a very, very difficult question, because ideally what it means is that you go into the past . . . . The past unfortunately happens and disappears because the present takes over. So, you cannot enter the past, you cannot demonstrate the past. Therefore, what do you do?

—Romila Thapar

It is this crucial and deceptively simple question with which History for Peace works to critically engage the social science teaching community.

History for Peace is a subcontinent-wide network of social science teachers in the pursuit of nuanced, multi-disciplinary approaches to the teaching and learning of history towards understanding and peace. In the last few years, History for Peace has organized several conferences on themes of ever-increasing relevance that demand a space in the classroom. These conferences provide a unique platform, fomenting critical dialogue and learning by bringing together academics, educationists, arts practitioners and social science school teachers.

Seagull Books now brings you the History for Peace Journals—meticulous compilations of the content of these conferences, which include lectures by Romila Thapar, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Irfan Habib, Krishna Kumar, Audrey Truschke, Sundar Sarukkai, Jerry Pinto, Vijay Prashad, Naeem Mohaiemen, Anam Zakaria, Sohail Hashmi and Aanchal Malhotra amongst many others. An invaluable resource for anyone who believes in the importance and persistence of asking ‘why’.
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