After 12 years of working as an art therapist and now an expressive arts therapist internationally, Krupa of Sankalpa has carefully assembled & curated a set of 12 handmade art kits to help share art as a path for growth, reflection and healing! Our team worked hard throughout this lockdown to bring these to the world with a lot of love.

All 12 kits are available only as a full set for now, including shipping. Each kit includes:

• A colorful, hand-painted & embroidered reusable cloth bag

• A detailed instruction card to help you get started

• Incredibly unique sets of handmade tools for meaningful self-expression!

• Dozens of artisans are supported with much-needed work in this difficult time through these kits, and the profit gained will feed into our service-based community efforts and expressive arts therapy programs.

• The kits are inspired by universal themes from Integral Yoga and cross-cultural creative artforms, reviving deeper meaning in ideas and ancient tools many of us know separately or superficially. 

Note: therapy involves a relationship with a skilled practitioner, and while these kits cannot replace that relationship or journey, but they can support your self-awareness and spark your creativity!
At this time we are only offering a limited batch of the entire set of 12 kits as current shipping costs are high for small items. We hope to eventually share each kit individually soon. Thanks you for your interest & understanding!
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Each purchase through Sankalpalam supports both local artisans &our service-based efforts by Sankalpa (like a recent art mask kit giveaway)!Also excited to share my first published chapter in Craft and Art Therapy, on the therapeutic value of mehndi (henna) and kolam in an effort to decolonize our field of work.

You can order through Routledge (use FLR40 for a 20% discount!) or Amazon, with both printed & ebook versions available!
Craft in Art Therapy is the first book dedicated to illustrating the incorporation of craft materials and methods into art therapy theory and practice. 

Craft in Art Therapy demonstrates that when practiced in a culturally sensitive and socially conscious manner, craft practices are more than therapeutic—they also hold transformational potential.We also launched our first Integral Expressive Arts Therapy Training!It is full for 2020 and underway, you can apply for next year on our website. We have 12 participants from 9 countries joining us to explore the range of cross-cultural possibilities with these kits. The course is also the basis of my PhD research through the European Graduate School.Thank you for reading our updates in such a chaotic time in the world, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe & creative!

With love, light & color,
Krupa for Sankalpalam/Sankalpa
(both registered under the Auroville Foundation)

Krupa Jhaveri, MPS, TIEAT-C, CAGS, PhD candidate (EGS)
International Expressive Arts Therapist & Art Director
Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Consultant
TEDx Women speaker on “Art as a Mirror