Searching for creative thoughtful gifts this holiday season?

Order our 12 handmade art kits to share!

Each handmade art kit in this set of 12 can be a separate gift to encourage someone you love to be expressive this holiday season! 

Many hands & hearts collaborated on these unique kits, each one including:

• A colorful, hand-painted & embroidered reusable cloth keepsake bag

• Detailed hand-drawn instruction card to help guide and inspire the process

• Customized hand-crafted tools for meaningful self-expression as a path for growth, reflection and healing!Order NowYour purchase supports dozens of artisans with dying crafts like embroidery and carpentry during a devastating pandemic, AND profits fund our service-based projects and expressive arts therapy programs!

The kits invite exploration of deeper themes like Courage and Peace, while honoring cross-cultural art forms like doll-making and basketry, all reviving deeper meaning in our creativity and life.

Currently we are only able to send the entire set of 12 kits as shipping costs remain high for small items (a great chance to take care of multiple gifts in one purchase). Thanks you for your interest & understanding!Order NowHappy holidays from our team at Sankalpalam/Sankalpa!
(both registered under the Auroville Foundation)

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All art requires courage. —Anne Tucker