Free Session to help all those who need, read to know more –

In response to the 2nd wave of COVID 19 and the prevailing health challenges I am offering a one-on-one consultancy for all frontline workers and people in need to recover from COVID and post COVID symptoms.

For the past 20 years I have done intense study on holistic health, yoga, pranayama and a lot more. During the first COVID wave I have experienced that these integral healthcare practices have very useful insights and benefits to offer, especially with regard of the management of mild and moderate COVID infections as well as coping with mental stress, depression, confusion and uncertainty.

So many of us are in need of a reset -NOT a time out, but rather a time in. And in this momentary pause for breath, the last thing you need is clear chef self-care advice.

Therefore I invite you to take advantage of this free opportunity, where I show you proven techniques to elevate your health, ease ongoing stress and anxiety and shield yourself from disease through simple exercises mainly focusing on correcting faulty breathing patterns which lead to disease, stress, poor sleep, high blood pressure…..

You will learn how to reprogram the autonomic nervous system, release tension and to correct postural dysfunctions to open up your airway and breath like a baby.

I want to help you to be healthy, well, relaxed and grounded during these stressful times.

Contact to fix a time for a free one-on-one session, kindly contact mornings between 9-12am and afternoon from 1-4pm

Contact details:
Nadja Akcadurak
WhatsApp: +91 9943374763
Zoom call possible after appointment.