The K-factor platform offers freewheeling discussions, fun facts, demos and personalised conversations, with invited guests and K-enthusiasts, on K-pop, K-food, K-drama and K-fashion.

During this unprecedented pandemic and resultant lockdowns, food has moved centre stage – from providing immunity to being a stress-reliever; from finding new talented chefs and recipes online, to experiments at home with diverse cuisines. Korean cuisine or K-food, has been growing in popularity in India. Want to know more about this? Watch a demo and try out a few dishes on your own. Episode 1 on Annyeong Station’s K-factor platform focuses on K-food – top picks, recommendations as well as demo-cooking to highlight the uniqueness of popular Korean cuisine.


Episode 1 on Annyeong Station’s K-factor platform is an opportunity to interact, learn, share, in an informal setting. Moderated by our Korean language student, Shwetaa, this episode will include interactions with invited guests and a demonstration to make the popular Korean dish, Japchae.

  • When: 6pm, Thursday, 22 July 2021
  • Where: Online

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