First Read – From “Old Demons, New Deities”

From the cover of “Old Demons, New Deities” (OR Books, 2017)

From the cover of “Old Demons, New Deities” (OR Books, 2017)

The following story appears in Old Demons, New Deities, a collection of twenty-one short stories from Tibet, edited by Tenzin Dickie and forthcoming from OR Books.

The Flight of the Wind Horse

From very early times, among the many unique customs of Tibet, one of the most conspicuous and ubiquitous was the flying of prayer flags, or what the Tibetans called lungta. Lungta literally meant “wind horse” in English. The lungta symbolized either individual or collective luck, fortune, or positive potential. In the neighboring country of India, there was even a popular expression, “Jahan janda hain / wohan Tibati hain.” Where there are prayer flags, there are Tibetans.

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By Pema Tsewang Shastri
Translated By Tenzin Dickie
Translated By Pema Tsewang Shastri

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