Part 1 (Activities & Games) 4:30pm~ at Inuksuk (next to European House).
Part 2 (Dinner & performances) 6:20pm~ at Tibetan Pavilion.
Part 3 (Collective dance around Bonfire & Sky lantern) 8:15pm at Inuksuk.

The North-East Asia Pavilion is delighted to present the community an evening of celebration to mark the first full moon of the lunar calendar 2018. Cultural activities, games, live music from east & west, authentic Asian food & drinks, and finally a collective circle dance around bonfire on this event theme “Unity”. Women from our neighbouring villages are invited and they will introduce their game and food also.

All are welcome to participate. Details of fund raising dinner will be announced shortly.
Sincerely, Tomoko

Friday 2nd March, 4:30pm to 9pm