• When: Both films will be screened from 8pm onwards on Thursday, 17 March 2022.
  • Where: MMC/CP, Town Hall, Auroville

The Church Forests Of Ethiopia

2019, Ethiopia, Director: Jeremy Seifert, Documentary, 9min 23sec

Over the past century, nearly all of Ethiopia’s native forests have been cleared for farming and grazing. Now it is up to the Orthodox Churches—who for centuries have safeguarded pockets of primary forest that grow around them—to preserve Ethiopia’s quickly shrinking biodiversity and to teach people how to live with forests.


2021, Germany, Director, Writer, Producer: David Klammer, Documentary, German, 1hr 23min 1sec
Barricade is a documentary on the year-long occupation of the Dannenroed Forest in Hessen to protect it from clearing for a new motorway, before finally being evicted in Dec 2020. It shows the life of the activists in the forest and the tree houses they’ve built up to 30 meters high in the branches, but mainly their fight for a better climate in the future, with their hearts and guts. A visually powerful documentary about a young generation’s civil disobedience. 

Though Barricade was selected by AVFF, it was not available on the online platform and this is the only opportunity to watch it!