Films that develop the theme of Human Unity

HumanUnityFilms_thum_175The Auroville Film Festival ’15 is looking for suggestions of films that develop the theme of human unity and have been produced from January 2012 onwards.

As we all know, unity refers to that which is one and cannot be divided; associated with humanity it refers to all that is one with or all that can become united in humanity. It includes also all the processes exploring its development: oppositions, difficulties, failures etc…

It can be experienced within oneself or in relation with other human beings …or even with everything that exists in the world… animals, plants and nature, stones, situations, events …

When suggesting a film, it would be very helpful if you could mention the director or even where you think we could source a copy. Use the film festival’s contact form to send your suggestion. Soon also the submission form will be available, in case you have all the required information.

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