The Auroville Film Festival is pleased to do a public screening of these two films from the festival. These films will be screened on Thursday the 24th of March at MMC/CP, Town Hall from 8pm onwards. The second film, Shut Up Sona, was not available on the online platform and this will be the only opportunity to watch it!


2019, Documentary, 44 min, English

What is it like to be Black in America? And how did it come to this?

This is a dialogue with Malcolm, and Aurovilian, who explains the history and facts about the American system and how it led up to the riots and protests of today.

This film is a broad stroke description of the racial climate in the United States through the eyes and voice of a black native. Accompanied by archival footage of historical atrocities and public outcry, this film seeks to connect the dots while illustrating the kind of environment which has led to such an explosive present state following the murder of George Floyd.

Director, Script, Producer, Cinematographer, Sound, Editor: Serena Aurora

Production Company: Aurora’s Eye Films

E-mail: serena_aurora [at]


2019, India, Documentary, English, Hindi, 1hr 25min

This is a film about a feisty female artist’s unrelenting fight for an equal space in modern day India, a country deeply uncomfortable with her emancipation.

लाल परीमस्तानी एक ऐसी कलाकारा की कहानी है, जिसका आत्म सम्मान, और बराबरी की लड़ाई उसके अपने देश की बर्दाश्त से परे हैǀ

Screenings/Awards: MAMI Film Festival Mumbai November 21, 2019 World Film Critics Guild Award, Jury Special Mention India IFFR Rotterdam Rotterdam January 29, 2020 Europe Scopitone Netherlands.

Director, Writer: Deepti Gupta

Producer, Cast: Sona Mohapatra