Welcome to your online theatre, presented by Kriti Film Club Celebrating World Environment Day through the month with:ECOREELS A package of films made by students of the Creative Documentary Course at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi
Screening from 10th – 30th June 2022 and an online conversation with the filmmakers too!
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Bound By Us(21 mins/ Hindi with English sub/ 2019)by Chinmoy Sonowal

About the Film: An exploration of the life of a shrinking forest that finds itself confined within the city of New Delhi, the film looks at direct and indirect impacts of human intervention.

About the Filmmaker: Chinmoy Sonowal is a documentary filmmaker and a landscape photographer. He has studied creative documentary filmmaking at Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication, New Delhi. He is currently working on a feature length documentary on co-existence of Hoolock Gibbons, India’s only species of apes with the people of a small village in Northern Assam, India. His first film Bound By Us, 2019 looked at the impacts of human intervention in a forest bounded by the city of New Delhi. Bound by Us has been part of several domestic festivals around India. He has a keen interest in working for films that revolve around conservation, natural history, and resource politics. 

Did You Do It?(24 mins/ Hindi with Eng sub/ 2019)

by Aditi Bhande

About the Film: A place that is neither urban nor rural, on the fringes of the capital of India. The film attempts to explore the dynamics between natural resources and human intervention in this place that is my home. Who is responsible- they, you, me- all of us?

About the Filmmaker: Aditi Bhande is a filmmaker based out of Delhi NCR. Aditi is interested in all that’s hidden in plain sight in our everyday and the surprises it holds for us when we begin to ask questions. With these questions & the process of filmmaking she finds the courage & comfort of getting to know the world and its varied ways. In filmmaking she finds a convergence of her various interests. Aditi’s thesis film ‘Did You Do It?’ was made as a part of the Creative Documentary Course at SACAC, New Delhi. She is currently freelancing.

Jamnapaar(24 mins/ Hindi with English sub/ 2017)

by Abhinava Bhattacharyya

About the Film: Jamnapaar lurks on the river’s edge seeking to explore how the inhabitants of the Jamuna relate to its degraded presence, the fragile nostalgia of an unknowable past and the horror of its unthinkable future. It is above all, an attempt to uncover new ways of imagining and relating to the natural world in the midst of the sixth mass extinction on Earth — our final planetary dream. The film is shot in Delhi, the site of the Yamuna’s most extreme degradation.

About the Filmmaker: Abhinava Bhattacharyya is a New Delhi based filmmaker trained in non-fiction filmmaking at the Creative Documentary Course (SACAC). His interests in art and film have veered towards more experimental filmmaking modes. He seeks the penumbral space of Stan Brakhage’s ‘untutored eye’, going even deeper and further back than the infant’s vision (a primal vision in filmmaking that informed Brakhage’s work) to the embryonic impressions of light and sound in the womb and the blood system. Above all else, he is deeply fascinated by the alchemical power of cinema and its potential to address the central darkness at the heart of the human condition on Earth.