The Pavillon de France presents:


The grass people

Film directed by
Claude & Marie Nuridsany Pérennou

Saturday, July 20
at 17h

Town Hall – Cinema Paradiso

in French only, duration: 80 min


Marie and Claude Pérennou Nuridsany are biologists. They live in Aveyron. Like many little creatures that swarm in the nearby field. Ingenuity and three beautiful rustic years were necessary for filming, flush with the grass, the obstacle course that must lead beetles, dung beetles and aphids to survive a few weeks. Ants leading a herd aphids submitted two snails exchanging a long kiss slobbery, the tireless work of Sisyphus sacred beetle, rolling before him a ball of dung in search of loose soil where it is to bury eat more at ease, and populate the images never before seen screen …
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