Asia-Pacific Section of the International Federation of Film Societies (IFFS) presents an Online Film Festival from 24 to 31 May 2021 in collaboration with the Federation of Film Societies of India, Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies, Agenda-14 Sri Lanka, Nepal International Film Festival, Roya Film House Afghanistan and a couple of other partners from the region.

The Festival showcases the following 26 contemporary short fiction films from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Russia and Kazakhstan. 

All films are with English subtitles. Any viewer from any part of the world can access the films from 24th May to 31st May 2021 by clicking the respective links. List of Films with Links

  1. An Irrelevant Dialogue, India, Short Fiction, 2019, 32M. By- Moinak Guho Link:
  2. Anahita’s Law, India, Short Fiction, 2019, 21M. By- Oorvazi Irani Link:
  3. Monitor, India, 2018, Short Fiction, 20M. By- Hari Viswanath Link:
  4. Nooreh, India, Short Fiction, 2020, 22M. By- Ashish Pandey Link:
  5. The Stitch, India, Short Fiction, 2018, 08M. By- Asiya Zahoor Link:
  6. Posharini, India, 2018, Short Fiction, 27M. By- Sreecheta Da Link:
  7. Mamatva, India, Short Fiction, 2018, 30M. By- Kirti Singh Link:
  8. Batikbabu, Bangladesh, Short Fiction, 2020, 20M. By- Ziaul Hoque Raju Link:
  9. Ghor, Bangladesh, Short Fiction, 2020, 12M. By- Saiyeed Shahjada Al Kareem Link:
  10. Manush, Bangladesh, 2020, Short Fiction, 11M. By- Sahil Rony Link:
  11. The Dogs illusion, Bangladesh, Short Fiction, 2020, 8M. By- Mashroor Parvez Link:
  12. Do Rahi, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2020, 4M. By- Noorullah Husain Link:
  13. Hasht Jabr, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2020, 3M. By- Shari Mehrad Link:
  14. Maryam, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2020, 3M. By- Kobra Nader Link:
  15. Red Paper, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2020, 3M. By- Omar Farahmand Link:
  16. Silence Scream, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2020, 3M. By- Nasren Husainy Link:
  17. The Lady in Red, Afghanistan, Short Fiction, 2018, 7M. By- Bijan Siayama Link:
  18. Good Boy’s Land, Sri Lanka, Short Fiction (Animated), 2014, 7M. By- Rahul Ratnayak Link:
  19. It’s Not Tall Short Thing, Sri Lanka, Short Fiction, 2020, 15M. By- Shalini Divyanjalee Link:
  20. The Judgement, Sri Lanka, Short Fiction, 2015, 10M. By- Rahul Ratnayake Link:
  21. Where’s My Route, Sri Lanka, Short Fiction, 2018, 12M. By- Sudath Abeysiriwardan Link:
  22. From Khovrino, Russia, Short Fiction, 2020, 7M. By- Daria Elena Dashunina Link:
  23. Water, Kazakhstan, Short Fiction, 2017, 19M. By- Aizhan Kassymbek Link:
  24. Samshaya, Nepal, Short Fiction, 2020, 22M. By- Ganesh RawaLink:
  25. Bare Trees in the Mist, Nepal, Short Fiction, 2019, 15M. By- Rajan Kathet Link:
  26. Aina, Nepal, Short Fiction, 2020, 23M. By- Krisha Chaulagain Link: