What’s going to happen??!! What about changing lockdown notifications??

We wish we had easy answers to these questions. It’s a difficult situation for us as we have no idea what is going to be announced after Pongal.


If cinema theatres are allowed to run, we will be screening the films at MMC/CP, SAIIER and Outdoors, keeping all protocols. Audiences are expected to wear masks all the time and most probably only 50% seating will be allowed. It may also be that there will be an early curfew time.

If any films cannot be shown during the festival period because of lockdown protocols, we will be finding a convenient time during the year to screen them within the regular MMC/CP schedule.

Thanks to a wonderful partnership with Shift72, an international online film festival platform, and thanks to the financial support of AVI USA, audiences may access most of the films on auroville.shift72.com between the 18th and the 23rd. The link is active already and the films can be viewed during the festival period.

This year we have films in two categories only: the international category of films that develop the theme of human unity and the category of films made by Aurovilians/residents of the bioregion/guests of Auroville. Only one student submitted a film to the festival this year.

From the international category, 35 films are available online and most of these are available to be viewed from any global location. There are a few that can only be watched from India. There are no charges to view these films.

How to use the Shift72 platform:

1. Go to https://auroville.shift72.com

2. Click “Create Account” on top right and enter email and password (only need to do this once, subsequently click “Log In”))

3. Choose the film(s) you want to watch and click “Buy $0.00” for each film

4. All “bought” films appear in your Library (top right, under your account symbol)

5. All films will only be available to watch from January 18 onwards.

6. You can “buy” films until January 23.

7. Once you “bought” films and they appear in your library you have time until February 8 to watch them. 

What about the music?

The Auroville musicians have supported the Auroville Film Festival through every edition and have been responsible for the vibrant ambience that our audiences love. This year as well they are looking for the best ways to engage while keeping all lockdown protocols. Since we don’t yet know what these will be, the plans are necessarily fluid. Keep a look out for announcements of live stream links that will feature a daily line up of fantastic music!


This announcement has been limited to practical details. And next week we will announce the list of wonderful people and units which have supported us. You know who you are, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Look for us on FB and Instagram to get the latest information about the films, links to the music, and interesting interviews with filmmakers.