• Where: Pondy-Villupuram-Auroville-Cuddalore (PVAC) Bioregion
  • When: 2nd Feb (World Wetlands day) and will go on till 22nd March

Launched on 2nd Feb (World Wetlands day) and will go on till 22nd March (World Water day). The 7 week long festival, being held for the 4th time, is being celebrated across the Pondy-Villupuram-Auroville-Cuddalore (PVAC) Bioregion. The objectives are, 1) to celebrate our deep connection with water and 2) build collaboration for an integrated management of our water resources.

WaterFest’23 is being organised by a collective of individuals and organisations who share the same vision of the PVAC Bioregion and are willing to engage in collective action.

The One School One Pond (OSOP) is an initiative taken up by AllForWaterForAll (A4W4A), in collaboration with the Education Dept where each school adopts a pond as their environmental lab. “My School My Pond” theme provides an experiential learning to the students. As the students maintain the pond in partnership with the local community and the Municipality, they develop social skills and get sensitised to a vital community need.

The Neer Kudams (ceremonial water pots) filled with water from Ousteri or Kalluvelli, travels from school to school and symbolises the interconnectedness of water and life.

Upcoming Auroville Events

18-22 nd March: Auroville hosts the closing of the festival. This will be at the ponds near the Visitors Center/road to Solitude- There will be Exhibitions, Talks, Games and cultural events and a ceremony for all the Neer koodams.

A calendar of events will be published shortly.

Water is crucial to our survival So let’s make this event a success.





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