• When:•Inauguration on Saturday, February 4th 2023 at 5.00 p.m. Show continues up to February 19th Sunday, 2023
  • Where: TASMAI, a Centre for Art & Culture, 17 Advocate Chinna Tambi St., Between 2n.& 3rd Cross, Kuruchikuppam, Pondy Daily 3 to 7 p.m. | Mornings by Appointment | Monday Holiday 0413 2221052 | tasmaipondy@gmail.com | www.tasmaipondy.com

Ramblings of what the mind thinks and eyes see, take different shapes and forms inside artist A.M.Prakash. An attempt to find meaning to life and dreams amidst the idols on roads, sculptures designed over religious and historical theories and references, delusions of power, modern lifestyles and thoughts, beliefs, superstitions, ideological differences, political power plays, social and cultural differences, intellectual fights is a continuous process. These thoughts in his mind transform into overlapping images through lines

For his art, he chose lines over colors. But it took a life changing event to finally transform his scribbled lines into creative expressions, the death of his mother. One day in 1997 he received a phone call while at Kalamandir – ‘leave for the hospital immediately, Amma’s health is critical’. He rushed to the hospital to see his mother, who was in the ICU battling for every breath. His eyes were glued to the monitor next to her, he was witnessing her battle with death in the lines that rose and fell on that screen. Her heartbeat dropped slowly and finally stopped, and with that, the line fell flat. The doctors declared that Amma was no more. The line that showed her fight between life and death and which eventually fell flat in the end changed the course of his life. The experience with death gave life to his lines. He realised that his creative expressions were born from his life experiences

“In a split second, there are so many life events, inner conflicts, constructive and destructive thoughts that go and come endlessly. I am always curious how a simple line slowly transforms itself into deeper nuanced, layered lines finding their way to the exit,” says Prakash.

A.M.Prakash is presently the President and the Ex-Principal of Kalamandir School of Arts. He holds a diploma in drawing and painting from the Kalamandir School of Arts and Master of Visual Arts from Kannada University, Hampi. He has held four solo shows and participated in various group shows and camps across the country.

He has received a number of awards such as the Karnataka Lalitha Kala Academy, Aryabhatta and R.M.Hadapad awards for his achievements