Savitri Art is a beautiful journey that began a year back in April 2021 and has evolved with an aspiration to offer 150 Savitri paintings for Sri Aurobindo’s 150th birth anniversary.

Now the 150 paintings and would like to offer them in the form of an exhibition.

We are delighted to invite you all for the inauguration of the Savitri Art Exhibition on 25th August, 9.30am and an evening sharing on 27th August by the Savitri Art Sangha at 5.00pm.  

Join us to experience Savitri through art

  • When: Inauguration on 25 August at 9.30am
    Exhibition Dates: 25-29 August 2022 (Closed on Sunday)
  • Where: Savitri Bhavan
  • Sharing by Artists: 27 August at 5.00pm

Artists: Usha Arvind (Philippines), Padmarani Vandemataram (Hyderabad), Sahana Uppar (Pondicherry), Villoo Pithawala (Mumbai), Jaganmayi Himamshu (Bangalore), Subhashree Savadamuthu (Coimbatore), Namita Bidwaikar (Mumbai), Chirag Rajyaguru (Delhi), Chaitanya (Hyderabad), Subha Iyer (Mumbai), Beena Parekh (Mumbai), Kamila Ciske (Netherlands) and Rama Naicker (Chennai). 

Guidance Team: Manoj Pavithran and Divyanshi Chugh (Auroville), Sushanto Da (Sri Aurobindo Society), and Archana Udayakumar (Hyderabad Centre)

Art for Art’s sake certainly; Art as a perfect form and discovery of Beauty; but also Art for the soul’s sake, the spirit’s sake and the expression of all that the soul, the spirit wants to seize through the medium of beauty.

-Sri Aurobindo