• When: 10am-6pm, 6-11 June, 2022
  • Where: Aurodhan Art Gallery, Kuruchikuppam, Puducherry

Statement of Artist
“How to Bring Up a Child?” is an essential question to our society. I do not provide an answer but I wish that the physical and emotional needs of all children are met. My values are gratitude, humbleness and love.

If you send a photo of your child or yourself between 6 – 18 months of age by e-mail, Roof Studio will send you back for free a photo of Iyana’s work. It will keep the right to exhibit drawings/paintings publicly and the copyright. It works with full confidentiality – no information about you or your baby will ever be made public. The photo should have some shadows, no flat light. You could hold your baby so naturally it will be create shadow
from the side of you. And a smile needs to be there!