The Unity Pavilion and the German Pavilion cordially invites you to the Exhibition by Birgitta

  • When: ongoing till 11th of January 2023 from 10am to 12 pm and 2 to 4.30 pm, daily except Sundays
  • Venue: Unity Pavilion, International Zone, Auroville, India

Last guided tour through the exhibition “Manifesting the Galaxy & Ganesha” from the Bark of a Tree on Tuesday 10th of January at 4.30 sharp.

On multiple requests Birgitta is offering a guided tour through her exhibition in the Unity Pavilion.

The last chance to see this amazing exhibition is on January 11th.

Description: During a meditation in the Matrimandir inner chamber, Birgitta had a vision of the Galaxy on the bark of the large Elephant Ear tree, which rows at the T-crossing near to Matrimandir’s meditation entrance and town hall. The bark didn’t only manifest beautiful Galaxies, but also quite incredible Ganeshas and even Hanuman.

To manifest the Galaxy from a tree bark is a paradox, which is uniting 2 different positions.

And to find Ganesha & Hanuman – the removers of obstacles – on the same place is quite a sign! The Ganeshas are all fractal, which means they are formed from dozens of small Ganeshas.

Please come and see for yourself and get surprised.

To manifest the Galaxy with her artwork from the bark of a tree is Birgitta’s contribution to unity within Auroville.