• When: 17 Feb 2023 until 3rd March, Gallery hours are Monday to Saturday, 2 PM to 5 PM
  • Where: Centre d’Art Gallery

AV Art Service and the Centre d’Art Gallery is pleased to announce an exciting new photography exhibition, “CHRONOTYPE”, featuring a selection of the late Giorgio Molinari’s experimental works curated by Marco Feira & Piero Cefaloni for AV Art Service. The exhibition will be open to the public starting on Friday, February 17th at 4:30 PM and will run until March 3rd, 2023. Gallery hours are Monday to Saturday, 2 PM to 5 PM and visitors are requested to park at the Auroville Town Hall.
Born in Milan, Giorgio was drawn to photography from a young age and had a profound interest in Oriental philosophy. Throughout his career, he worked with top names in advertising agencies, record companies, theater productions, and architectural designs. In 2003, during the “Auroville 35 Years” celebration at the UNESCO center in Paris, Giorgio learned more about Auroville and eventually became an Aurovilian in 2006.

The exhibition features Giorgio’s unique take on photography, where he captures duration and space within the two dimensions of the final image. Through this approach, the subject loses its perspective reference, resulting in a more truthful representation of reality. The artist’s vision, as he puts it, “may seem surprising, but the result maintains compliance with reality outside of any subsequent interpretative intervention.”

Giorgio Molinari’s approach to digital photography was unique. Instead of capturing an instant of space-time continuum Giorgio’s work captured a duration of significant importance. He aimed to trap space within the two dimensions of the final image, thereby losing the perspective reference that is typically implicit in photography. This reduction of a three-dimensional subject to a two-dimensional plane in a perceivable time was, in his words, “the most adherent representation of that unknowable reality of which we are an inseparable part.”

The aesthetic and creative process behind Giorgio’s work was centered around the idea of truthfully representing reality. He believed that the reduction of a subject to a two-dimensional image, while apparently still, was the closest representation of reality that could be achieved through photography. Giorgio’s works are meant to stimulate the unconscious processes of reconstruction by similitude and tap into the base of human visual perception.

We invite you to come and experience the exciting works of Giorgio Molinari and see his vision come to life at the Centre d’Art Gallery, Citadines, Auroville.

For more information on Giorgio Molinari, please visit https://auroville.org/page/giorgio-molinari-227 and https://artservice.auroville.org/giorgio-molinari/.
Christoph Klütsch
for AV Art Service