Meditations on Savitri

The series of 472 paintings created by the Mother with Huta from 1961-67 is now on display in the picture gallery

Glimpses of the Mother: Photographs and texts – In the Square Hall 

Sri Aurobindo: A life sketch in photographs – In the upper corridor

Films: Mondays at 4pm

We continue the series of Meditations on Savitri with meditative films of passages from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri – A Legend and a Symbol, read by the Mother, accompanied by Her own organ music and illustrated with paintings made by Huta under the guidance and inspiration of the Mother. We offer these films, in order to concentrate within, to be with our soul and psychic being and the Divine presence.

  • October 3: Meditations on Savitri, Book 6 – The Book of Fate, Cantos 1-2 Duration: 33min.
  • October 10: Meditations on Savitri, Book 7 – The Book of Yoga, Cantos 1-7 Duration: 74min.
  • October 17: Meditations on Savitri, Book 8 & Book 9 – The Book of Death and The Book of Eternal Night – Duration: 42min.
  • October 24: Meditations on Savitri, Book 10 – The Book of the Double Twilight, Cantos 1-4 Duration: 41min.
  • October 31: Meditations on Savitri, Book 11 – The Book of Everlasting Day Duration: 46min.
  • Full Moon Gathering Sunday, October 9, 7.15-8.15pm in front of Sri Aurobindo’s statue

Regular Activities:

  • Sundays 10.30–12 noon: Savitri Study Circle
  • Mondays 3-4pm: Sri Aurobindo’s Isha Upanishad led by Dr.Jai Singh
  • Tuesdays 3-4pm: Yoga and the Evolution of Man led by Dr.Jai Singh
  • Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 4-5pm: L’Agenda de Mère: listening to recordings with Gangalakshmi
  • Thursdays 5.15-6.30pm: Hymns to the Mystic Fire by Sri Aurobindo led by Nishtha
  • Fridays 3-4pm: The Finding of the Soul (in Savitri Book 7 Canto 5) led by Dr.Jai Singh
  • Saturdays 3-4pm: Introduction to Integral Yoga, led by Ashesh Joshi
  • Saturdays 4-5.15pm: Satsang, led by Ashesh Joshi
  • Saturdays 5pm: Mudra-chi led by Anandi

Exhibitions, Main Building and Office are open Monday to Saturday 9-5
Library is open Monday to Friday 9-5
The Digital Library can be accessed on request Monday to Friday 9-4

Everyone is welcome