MAP TALK: Art in the Public Eye

Exploring the role art collectives play in transforming cities and its residents

  • When: Saturday, 15th January, 6 pm (IST)

A mural by Aravani Art Collective outside the MAP construction site
Murals, sculptures, installations – public art in all its diverse forms is deeply rooted in visualising the invisible by locating itself in everyday encounters. Public art also provides a physical and visual subversion to passerbys, encouraging them to look at the site of the installation through a new lens and learn beyond what is obviously visible. Through the years, many collectives have come up across the country helping street artists forge connections with cities and their various inhabitants through place-making projects.

Join speakers Poornima Sukumar, Ajay Raghavan and Giulia Ambrogi in conversation with Janet Orlene as they explore the role art collectives play in transforming cities and its residents through public art, how both the process and artworks serve to facilitate engagement in these spaces, and how they provide new access points to the art world.

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DIRECTOR’ S CUT: Sabyasachi Mukherjee in Conversation with Kamini Sawhney

A glimpse into how the institution of the museum is being reimagined and reinvented today.

  • When: Wednesday, 19th January, 6 pm (IST)
Sabyasachi Mukherjee (left); Kamini Sawhney (right)

This session features Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Director General of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) in Mumbai, in conversation with the Director of MAP, Kamini Sawhney.

A frequent lecturer worldwide and an active member of many art professional committees, Mukherjee has been a fellow of the Nehru Trust, Charles Wallace India Trust and the Salzburg Global Seminar. Under Mukherjee’s leadership from 2007, CSMVS has undergone extensive modernisation, including refurbishment of the Museum’s main building and the establishment of a conservation centre, a new Children’s Museum, an institutional archive, new galleries and educational initiatives. In 2010, in recognition of his initiatives, UNESCO awarded the Museum the 2010 Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

The Directors’ Cut series offers a glimpse into how the institution of the museum is being reimagined and reinvented today, and presents a unique opportunity to hear from reputed practitioners in museums around the world.

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DEEP DIVE: Himalayan Visual Culture: Living Experiences

Explore traditional art forms and contemporary expressions from the Himalayan region with Elena Pakhoutova

  • When: Saturday, 22nd January, 6:30 pm (IST)

Deep Dive is an in-depth exploration of global art, design, histories and knowledge that helps us better understand the evolution of cultures, of our place in the world and more.

In this episode, Elena Pakhoutova, Senior Curator, Himalayan Art at the Rubin Museum of Art, New York, will discuss the art from the Himalayan region, including traditional art forms and contemporary expressions. Outlining the importance of patronage, the role of religious teachers, artists, and other agents of change for cross-cultural exchange in the region, she will highlight examples of Tibetan, Nepalese, Bhutanese and closely related visual traditions.

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