Schedule for Workshops and Exhibition in Kalakendra Art Gallery, Bharat Nivas

  1. Exhibition: “Living Symbols”
  • When : 10 am to 4.30 pm, Ongoing till 15 September 2021, (Sundays open) 

2. Workshop: Kolam Workshops offered by Grace, “Symbols evoked through Kolàm”          

  • When : 10-12am, 3-5pm, 11 & 14 September 2021
  • No. of participants: 5-12
  • Contribution required. Contact facilitator for details and registration.
  • Registration : Phone: +91 8072449091,  Email: Website:    

3. Event: Story-telling & relaying

Come and join Anandi, Chitra and other friends to hear a story from the Mother, to tell yours, hear others’ and co-create a story-relay. 

  • When : 3:30-5pm, 9 September 2021

4. Workshop: Drawing and painting symbols       

Charu, a visiting volunteer, is happy to explore Stone Painting with participants. Choose your own stones and paint symbols and flowers on them.

  • When : 2.30-4pm, 10 September 2021

5. Vedic chanting

  • When : 3:45-5 pm, 13 September 2021

6. Sonic Vocals music session by Aurelio & team from Svaram

Explore spatial resonance of Kalakendra — improvisations on qualities and echoes, listening, contemplation & singing invocation.

  • When : 3:30-5 pm, 15 September 2021

7. Art Workshop : Drawing by Crystal (Aurovilian)

Automatic Drawing with Ink and Water color expressing your own voice

  • When: 2 to 4 pm, Every Thursday afternoon
  • Contribution required Rs. 220/-  per person

8. Art Workshop: Fundamentals of Drawing by Abhijit Roy

A one-month course and see details described below. All are welcome to participate.

As part of our efforts in the field of Arts Education, Bharat Nivas presents “Fundamentals of Drawing” in association with Artist and Educator Abhijit Roy.

Course Outline : In this course, attendees will learn Line Fundamentals, How to Draw Shapes, Form, Value and Contrast, Create Space and Perspective, Still Life Drawing, Creating Textures and How to Draw the Human Face and Figure. 

  • When: 01:30 p.m. to 03:30 p.m, Mon, Wed and Fri, 10 sessions from 20th September – 11th October 2021
  • Eligibility: All humans above the age of 6
  • Contribution: Aurovilians/Volunteers – Rs. 220/- per session per attendee, Visitors – Rs. 440/- per session per attendee.
  • Registration : Abhijit Roy +917517394469

Artist Bio: Abhijit has been living in Auroville since September 2020, currently residing in Grace Community with his family of 4 (wife Snehal and two children Aarohi (10) & Jay (4)). At the moment his status is that of Pre-Newcomer. He has more than 13 years international work experience as a professional Digital Artist, Team Lead, Trainer and Technical Director in various Hollywood movies and Triple A Games in the field of Visual Effects and Motion Capture Animation, respectively. 

His Film credits include – Man of Steel, Transformers 3, Conan the Barbarian, Immortals and Maleficent. 

His Gaming credits include – Batman – Arkham Asylum, Tomb-raider, FIFA 2009 and Wrestle-mania.