Parvathy Baul has started a continuous satsang series intended for aspirants and seekers to go deeper into the wisdom of Baul.

We will let you know the date & link for joining her second live satsang on deha tattva by email.​

Meanwhile, we invite you to study the replay of Parvathy Maa’s first satsang on deha tattva here:

This satsang series also aims to encourage an interaction between you and Parvathy Maa through questions and answers.

Before the next satsang, we invite you to send us an email asking your sincere questions on deha tattva so Parvathy Maa can address them.​

To provide you with a little more context, here is what Parvathy Maa wrote about this satsang series:

Baul is about song, about joyous dance and about performing this song and this dance like a free bird flying in the endless sky of devotion and love. Behind all this, beyond all this, there is penance of the practitioner who tries to grasp this elusive inner joy. This penance is driven by immense discipline. So here is the paradox, Baul’s joy and freedom is bound to the discipline.

While I am delighted to see how this mystic tradition is being received by people across cultures, I am also concerned that most often it is perceived as just lok geeti, folk song and dance.

In order to help lovers of Baul to connect with the essence, the discipline, the path, I am setting out on long journey of sharing insights about this sacred path. So I am starting this series of satsang, wherein I will delve into certain key aspects of Baul philosophy and practice.

Structure of this sharing will be, first I will talk about a specific aspect and follow it up with yet another interaction where I will address questions that were posed as part of the talk. I would aim to keep some part of this sharing in Bengali and part in English.

There will be songs (mahajanerpad) that will accompany us in this pilgrimage into our heart. ​