Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) Presents:

1. Jorrit Britschgi in Conversation with Kamini Sawhney

Rediscover Bangalore’s iconic single screen cinema halls with Sameer Raichur and Prof. SV Srinivas.

  • When: 6:30 PM (IST), 17 November 2021
  • Where: Online
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This episode of MAP’s series Director’s Cut features Jorrit Britschgi, Executive Director of the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, in conversation with the Director of MAP, Kamini Sawhney.

The Rubin Museum of Art is dedicated to connecting visitors with the ideas, cultures, and art of the Himalayan regions. Britschgi, the Swiss art historian, has led the institution since 2017 and oversaw the revisioning that set the Museum on a more sustainable path and created dynamic and relevant experiences for the public. 

The Director’s Cut series offers a glimpse into how the institution of the museum is being reimagined and reinvented today and presents a unique opportunity to hear from reputed practitioners in museums around the world as they reflect on their institutional experiences, behind-the-scenes challenges, unique initiatives, and more.

2. Unboxing Beats:

Understanding the creative process of sampling in music with producers Parimal Shais and Kalmi as well as rapper HanuMankind, and moderator Aneesha Kotwani

  • When: 6:00 PM (IST), 20 November 2021
  • Where: Online
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Have you ever heard a song and had a wave of familiarity wash over? Why does it sound so similar yet distinctly different? Sampling is the process by which sections of familiar classics are repurposed to become building blocks for fresh, new tracks. Music producers find gripping sounds and loop, chop, warp, and rearrange them to create magic.

Join producers Parimal ShaisKalmi, and rapper Hanu Mankind in conversation with Aneesha Kotwani for a session exploring the creative process of sampling, its influence on music production today, and the role it can play in reviving the rich musical history of the subcontinent.

The producers will also present live demonstrations where they identify samples they’ve used and repurposed in their own work.

This event is conducted as part of the lead-up to MAP’s second edition of our annual festival, Art is Life: SoundFrames which is conceptualised around music.