Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) Presents:

1. Say Cheese!

Discover the basics of food photography and refine your ‘foodstagramming game’

  • When: 6:00 PM (IST), 03 July 2021
  • Where: Online
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A beginner level food photography masterclass with one of the best in the business – stylist and photographer Rakhee Yadav. Learn more about using light, angles and backdrops for optimal effect in this one hour masterclass to improve your ‘foodstagramming’ game.

This masterclass caters particularly to people beginning to experiment with photography, and will focus more on photographing food with the phone – the most accessible and familiar genre at the moment. Q&A segments with Yadav, during the session, provide a unique opportunity to expand your understanding, and troubleshoot problems frequently encountered.

2. Utterly, Butterly, Relevant:

The makers of the iconic Amul girl advertisements share their creative journey

  • When: 6:00 PM (IST), 10 July 2021
  • Where: Online
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Meet the creative team who created the iconic Amul girl advertisements which have been part of the brand’s campaign since 1966, and part and parcel of all our visual lives since!

Hear from the makers Rahul da Cunha, Manish Jhaveri and Jayant Rane about how the Amul girl came to be, how she redefined the idea of ‘cooperative’ into ‘cool’, and the incredible topical nature of the advertisements.

This session will touch upon the journey of the Amul campaign, the creative process of putting each advertisement together, the challenges of keeping it humorous, relevant and topical and some of the team’s favourite advertisements over the years.