You’re invited to join Parvathy Maa in a live satsang on Sunday, 27th February.

This will be the first event of a continuous satsang series, where each time Parvathy Maa will talk about one aspect of Baul.

In this first satsang, she will speak on Deha Tattva and what it is in Baul.

Please register here:

​Date & Time: 27th February

  • IST: 9:00pm
  • PST: 7:30am
  • EST: 10:30am
  • CET: 4:30pm
  • JST: 12:30am (20th Feb)

​The satsang will be 40 minutes long; it’s free to join.

Parvathy Maa will be speaking partly in English and partly in Bengali, so that everyone gets a chance to understand.