ART FOR LAND Exhibition and Land Fundraiser 2022

  • When: August 7th to September 4th, 10 am – 6 pm daily
  • Where: The Unity Pavilion


ACRES FOR AUROVILLE, in association with UNITY PAVILION and AUROVILLE ART SERVICE is happy to invite you to ART FOR LAND’s 2022 Exhibition & Land Fundraiser

Now in our 7th year, AFL is an important annual support for needed land purchase, and a recognized showcase for Auroville’s artistic creativity. We thank all the artists who have donated their works and all the event organizers for their energy – we appreciate your inspiring solidarity !

This year again, the walls, halls and tables of the Unity Pavilion are filled with artworks of many media for sale to raise funds for the land, all generously donated by Auroville, Ashram and friend artists from India and around the world. 

The Exhibition’s artworks can be seen and purchased at the Unity Pavilion, or via the online gallery at our dedicated website which provides purchase, donation and events information.

This is the final week of Art for Land Year 7 and we warmly invite you to take this last opportunity to see the exhibition and enjoy all the week’s rich events (see our Events Calendar for details).

We also invite you to join us for our closing event on Saturday, September 3rd from 7pm – 8:30pm with a Flute Recital By Sarthak Accompanied By Tapan Chaterjee On The Tabla.

We thank all the artists, performers and event organizer for their participation, commitment, and generosity of time and spirit! Once again, you have all made an important contribution towards consolidating Auroville’s Master Plan land.

Proceeds from art sales, books, cards and events all go for land purchase via the Acres for Auroville land campaign, Art for Land’s initiator.

For more information on the Exhibition, the Inauguration, and the Events Calendar, please contact: and (+91 413) 2623576 by phone, and our website

We warmly invite everyone to participate in this annual action of creativity, beauty and unity.

Join us for ART FOR LAND to raise funds for consolidating Auroville’s Master Plan land!