6-day celebration of Prem (Love), Bhakti (Devotion), and Rasa (Essence) is an extravaganza of oneness with the Moner Manush (the man of the heart).

  • When: 3-8 January 2022
  • Where: Online, Access is free
  • Given the challenges of internet connection in the remote areas in which the Baul Masters live, all sessions are pre-recorded. Each day a new session will be launched via live-stream at ParvathyBaul.com/mela.
  • To watch the sessions, sign up by clicking here: ParvathyBaul.com/mela. You will need to log in with your email address & create your own password.
  • The satsangs will be live-streamed, so the videos will appear directly in the Baul Online Akhara space from 3-8 January, daily at 9pm IST / 4:30pm CET / 7:30am PST / 10:30am EST / 12:30am JST (not beforehand! 🙂 )

Traditionally, the Baul Melas are held in Akharas (Baul Practice Spaces) in remote villages of Bengal which are difficult to access. During the Melas, Baul Masters come together to celebrate the ‘Being’ and share their blessings. Our modern adaptation is to gather online. 

When we hosted the first Baul Mela Online in 2020, it was an unknown venture. We found, to our delight and surprise, that the online platform really let us enter into the Akaras of the Masters; it also brought their wisdom and grace into our homes around the world. Seeing the masters in their own homes offered unique glimpses into their lives and sadhana (spiritual practice). Past participants shared how moving it was to be “visited” at home by these beloved and wise beings. 

We know that not everyone is able to travel for a variety of reasons; given the success and unexpected intimacy of Baul Mela Online 2020, we have decided that Baul Mela Online should happen each year going forward. We hope you will gather with us. 

​The Baul Mela Online is hosted by Parvathy Baul. This year we “travel” to both West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh for the enlivening conversations and exchanges that come when great souls come together. We will immerse with the divine company of 8 different Baul Master-practitioners over our time together, and will conclude with a group gathering (Milon).

We hope you will join us online for these mela sessions to build the energy of togetherness. 

These sessions are unique gatherings only available to the participants of Baul Mela Online 2022. Live stream and replays are exclusively available in our Online Akhara community space: ParvathyBaul.com/mela