Sri Aurobindo and the Mother assign a highest status to an art which serves as revealer and teacher of a quest for the All-Beautiful.

The theme of the second edition of Auroville Art Camp, inspired by several passages of Savitri the epic poem of Sri Aurobindo, is the “City of Dawn”.

The art camp focusses on the collaboration of Indian national artists with Aurovilians artists, working on a specific theme during one week. One of our intentions is to create a bridge between Aurovilian artists and Indian nationals artists. Art Students are also invited to participate as this is a great platform for exchange and learning. 

Art is a profound centre of this journey towards the future. The Ambition of the first Auroville art camp was to try to evoke a New World. By organising an art camp with artists from all over India, we tried to create a concentrated atmosphere in which we could  work on this new world to come through Art and the search of Beauty which is an ideal to be. 

It was a wonderful week. The support and feedbacks of the community have motivated us to renew the experience.

We published a call for artists in September 2019 which lasted two months.We received hundreds of applications from from all over India and from Auroville of course. The diversity, richness and quality of the bodies of works we received was stunning.  We are grateful to have been able to select wonderful artists, some of them well-known established artists.

The second edition could not happen in March 2020 as planned, so it was postponed to 2021. We decided to not make a new selection and invite the artists selected for 2020 as they were not able to come. Here are the selected artists:

Indian Nationals:

  • BASUKI  DASGUPTA  (Tumkur, KA)
  • DEBASISH DUTTA  (Vadorada, GJ)
  • MADHURI KATHE  (Mumbai, MH)
  • NEERAJA DIVATE (New Delhi, DL)
  • UDAY GOSWAMI  (Bhopal, MP)


  • MIKI
  • NELE

Selected students:

Indian nationals:

  • Jyoti Singh  (Sagar, MP)
  • Aurovilians:
  • MILO

A catalog with the presentation of the selected artists and their work will be published online in the coming weeks.

The art camp will take place in the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture from March 20st to March 26th.

The art camp will open with a talk by Deepti, “The pathways of the morning star – an exploration. Art as a search for the mystic fire. “

On Sunday 21th , all the artists will perform a collective art installation on the path going from Visitors Centre to the matrimandir view point.

There will be three open doors during the week.

On March 27th for the closure, an exhibition of the artworks created during the art camp will happen at Centre d’Art.

We will share a detailed program with you one week before the event.

Thank you to all those who make it possible.

With Gratitude

The Auroville art camp team

For the Auroville Art Camp Team