Energy cultivation & pranic lifestyle – 5 day Retreat

10’th to 14’th of February at JOY community Auroville, daily 9 to 12 and 3 to 6.

This is a HEALTH Message! Let us lighten up and enlighten!

Learn about un-fooding & energy cultivation towards physical freedom, different types of safe fasting, meditations; retraining the mind and reconditioning the body; self healing, energy shift & transformation in a strong & healthy way with Elitom Elamin, internationally acknowledged expert on prolonged fasting & living on prana.

It is possible to attend just half or some of the days. To fast is not the prerequisite for the retreat, as the energy cultivation comes first!

2 other retreats 24’th to 28’th @ JOY. All retreats are independent from each other.

Feedback from participant: “The man is phenomenal. He is blowing my mind everyday! I can feel life returning to me each day. And that he’s here for a month is such a gift. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

For registration: WA: +91 – 94880 47368