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Auroville Film Festival 2020
The Auroville Film Festival is a biennial film festival that started in 2009 and established itself as a success with editions in 2011, 2013 and 2015. It is a central contribution to the cultural life in Auroville and provides a focus and a stimulus for cultural development. Films in Auroville have a higher than average attendance, evidenced by the weekly screenings of an average of 10 films which all have avid audiences. This enthusiasm has been reflected in the numbers of residents that made films and watched films during our last four festivals. Our unique structure allows us to incorporate local participation in the screening of films, the creation of art installations, the creation of posters, and other festive activities. With three screening venues, including one outdoor venue, outdoor music performances in the evenings, a food court, a discussion area and by showing films made by local filmmakers twice, we attract large audiences and enable an exciting festival ambience.

Grand Total: Rs. 23,82,632.00.

Auroville Film Festival
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