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As a non-profit umbrella under which artistic projects can be registered, the Auroville Art Service works to coordinate payment and channel financial support to artists of the Auroville bioregion

thus enabling them to keep making art.

We locate grants and resources and help artists access all-important funding and support. We amplify their voices and web presence, and are constantly creating platforms and organising events to help these artists connect with the world, the community, and each other — such as Art4Land, the Festival of Auroville in Delhi (2012) and Chennai (2015), and the international biennial Auroville Film Festival. Read more about what we do.

All this entails the time, energy and creativity of several dedicated people, besides of course the recurring costs of equipment, web domains, subscriptions, and so on. By donating to us, you would be helping to sustain the essential — yet often invisible — administrative and practical work that goes into scaffolding artists and art-making in Auroville. The most impactful support you can give is a recurring monthly donation, through this simple one-time process.

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The Bigger Picture, or Why Donate to the Arts in Auroville?

Artists and the arts, forever core to the very survival of any sane, breathing community, are perhaps all the more precious in the context of Auroville, which aims to be a living experiment in the greatest heights that the human spirit can soar to. With a huge diversity of cultures, races, languages and social strata richly represented in its international population of about 3000, Auroville has already produced and is home to accomplished painters and sculptors, musicians and composers, dancers and choreographers, writers and filmmakers, actors and directors. These artists are dedicating their lives to realising the ideal of an integrated consciousness through the courageous, original, often tumultous and uncertain journey of the artistic endeavour. Not motivated or dominated by market forces, their work wants instead to be an expression of a new consciousness, something that will progressively nourish and energize the human soul and the city in a vast variety of ways.

The Auroville Art Service has emerged to serve this vision and the artists striving for it. We work as a scaffolding for artists and an arena for activities and events that transcend differences and foster unity through artistic means. We are continually creating platforms for artistic research, creation and administration by supporting individual experiments and group efforts. This translates to a variety of activities and services that we are engaged in on a daily basis.

We are driven by a passion for the arts and a deep sense of service and responsibility to the artists, to the receivers of the arts, and to the Dream and values of Auroville itself. Transparency and openness to change remain core to our ethos and the services we offer to the community. Read more about our values and who we are.

The arts will exist — Sri Aurobindo wrote in The Life Divine — ‘as expressions and means of the truth of the spirit and the beauty and delight of existence’. This is the challenge before artists in Auroville and all those around the world inspired by the Dream. We invite you to participate in this exciting endeavour with financial contributions that are very much required and deeply appreciated.