UNREHEARSED FUTURES (SEASON 2) #9: MASTER-LESS: Women Teaching Physical Theatre | A subversive chat with Cass Fleming and Paola Coletto

When: Jun 3, 2021 01:30 PM in India
Where: Online, Registration


Amy Russell | Embodied Poetics in conversation with Cass Fleming | Founder, The Chekhov Collective and Paola Coletto | Pedagogical Director, The School for Theatre Creators

Although the nomenclature of physical theatre methods are predominantly the names of male “founders” (with notable exceptions!), instances of influential women practitioners abound. Please join us for a discussion of the politics and practice of gender in the canonical lineages of physical theatre. 


Unrehearsed Futures is a series of public conversations between heads of drama schools and leading performance trainers from across the globe to discuss and address the new realities of teaching drama. In this second series (started April 2021), the conversations with participants from across the globe, will continue to look at questions of performance, pedagogy, practice, critique, and investigate themes of intersectionality, hybridity, advocacy, and through those, find the opportunities that lie ahead for theatre’s transcendence to a new resilience and relevance.

Recordings of previous episodes are available online.

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