Kala Kendra & Bharat Nivas

De Sidere 7
HD, 2014, 38 minutes
Nicolas Grandi and Lata Mani

Venue: AV room, Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas
Time: 5:30 pm , 21st Feb, Saturday

De Sidere 7 is an experimental work that interweaves performance, dance, poetry, storytelling and text to reflect upon aspects of desire. Shot in Bangalore and Delhi, the film scripts the work of five performing artists into a sensorially rich meditation on desire’s vexed status as at once, animating force, object of suspicion and ground of contention. De Sidere 7 is conceived as a videocontemplation: a formally plural, multilayered composition intended to be experienced as an integrated whole.
Nicolas Grandi is a filmmaker, arts educator, musician and sculptor from Buenos Aires.

Lata Mani is a Bangalore based feminist historian and cultural critic.

For Details: Gaurav @ 9787897947, Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas