Dancing & Painting


In collaboration with Pavilion de France



27th March – 7th April 2015

A live performance by CATHERINE MARQUETTE

Painter and dance of the soul

Inauguration Friday the 27th of March, 2015 from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Catherine started to dance and paint at the age of 40, after a sudden awakening of her soul.

Her body danced and her hand drew soul’s portrait spontaneously, her life changed totally. She did an Art-Therapist workshop (Movement Training & Leads Creativity), mixing both moving and drawing for many years in France.

Catherine has created an original card game of 34 cards showing the different families’ souls and giving their messages.

She had two exhibitions of her paintings in Auroville in 2008, with the Pavilion de France.

This year (2015) she will dance and paint on a circle room in Kala Kendra – Bharat Nivas, moved by her soul, for a unique performance.

The painting is the visible track of the movement. The public will also participate. After the dance you are invited to stand up and feel the movement in your body, as you have touched by it.

Join us to participate to this joyful experience!

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