Drama School Mumbai (DSM) introduces to you their latest initiative – Ekalavya: Act, Create, Communicate.

Ekalavya is an e-learning performing arts platform, that aims to deliver high-quality courses in acting and theatre training, right at your doorstep. 

Through Ekalavya, our objective is to democratise access to theatre education to millions of Indians who dream of entering the domain of performing arts and want to avail the essential training required in order to become professionals in this field, but do not have the means to move to another city and train there.  

Currently, we are offering FOUR courses to learners at Ekalavya. These courses are FREE till 31st October, 2021, so enroll now!

  1. Breaking Open Characters – This course teaches you different ways to look at characters from real life and build them further through observation, investigation and imagination. The course will take you on a journey wherein you will discover entry points to getting into the skin of a character. Enrol Now
  2. Mastering Monologues – This course enables you to study a piece of text as a stand alone and perform it authentically and individually. Through investigative and engaging explorations, you will discover entry points to break down a monologue and understand it holistically, inside-out. Enrol Now
  3. Expressive Voice and Speech – In this course, you will learn how to express effectively by exploring new concepts about your voice, breath, and speech. You will be encouraged to work on the power of sound and speech to create a unique audio performance by the end of the course. Enrol Now
  4. Expressive Body – This course offers a unique perspective about understanding a performer’s body and its immense potential to communicate. You will discover how to find a ready state, build your strength and capacity, and access space differently. Enrol Now

To #BeEkalavya, you can also be an individual who wants to pursue a career beyond theatre and acting as well; someone who wants to explore their creative talent and simply wants to build on their journey of being a strong and effective communicator. We, at Ekalavya and DSM, believe that theatre training is for everyone.

If you are a learner at Ekalavya, you can pick and choose the pace at which you wish to take the courses. We offer the best of formal theatre education through cost-effective and bite-sized courses, that can be taken anytime and anywhere.