There are many theories of the evolution of man as propounded by Philosophers and Scientists.  In this course we would be focusing on Sri Aurobindo’s explanation of the evolution of man in four stages: Religion, Occultism, Spiritual Thought, Spiritual Experience. Each of these stages could be researched in the lights of both the western philosophers and Indian darshans.


-To analyze the various theories of evolution of man as mentioned by Sri Aurobindo
-To research on the various stages of evolution as given by Indian and Western philosophers and Scientists
-To argue for and against each theory
-To comprehend and reconcile all the theories in the context of the present times.


Facilitator: Dr. V. Ananda Reddy

Duration: 16 Weeks

Starting: 10th May 2022

Meeting on Google meet – once a week

Audio-video-reading material will be provided online


Talks and discussions (faculty)

Reading (given by the faculty)

Research and Introspection (to be done by the students)

Writing Assignments on Logical thinking about the theories (to be done by the students)


Self-Reflective journal writing

Worksheets Individual Viva

Audio-Video Presentation on a topic chosen by the student in consultation with the facilitator.

A comparative essay of about 3000 words to be submitted at the end of this course.

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