Where Everything Begins… a contemporary dance performance in progress and in process. You are invited by Irena Taskovski, PAL Collective and guest artists for a sharing at CRIPA on Saturday the 6th of Feb, at 7.30pm

“Where everything begins…” is a experimental reflection on our human connection in todays world. How do we move trough life, how do we connect, how  do we re -discover ourselfs in this journey … and where it all begins.  As performance artists collective work in progress and process, we are questioning…the human connection in the future of post-COVID time.

Piano Improvisation by Raquel Jover PAL collective : Livia, Bernardo, Orev, Leela,Kshitij,Irena,Gopal, Wei, Ami, Chloe, Raquel 

SATURDAY 06/02/2021 CRIPA 7:30 pm

donation will be collected to support the art space and artist work. Flayer coming soon please if possible publish it as well Thanks to Cripa team specially Christoph and Nahar for their support and help