CREEVA has been open to support and educating artists and those who
are curious to explore their potential in drawing and painting.
Right now our classes are:

  • Watercolor Landscape by Sathya, Mondays 5-7pm
    To Register : Call 09486145072,
  • Painting The Music with Sangarabranan on Wed 9:30-11:30AM
  • Leaf Me Alone by Bhavyo, Thursdays 2-4pm
    To Register : Call 09626082638
  • Exploring Color by Audrey, Fridays 9.30-11.30am
    To Register: Call 0413 2622641
  • Figurative Life Drawing with Audrey, Sat. 9-11 am
    To Register: 0413 2622641

Welcome to ‘’Open Studio’’ It provides all kinds of art materials and
space to work on your own exploration of visual art. Monday to Friday

Please call at least one day before the class or whenever you know you
want to come.

Contact: Audrey 0413-2622641, Sathya 9486145072.
Creeva Studio, Creativity, Auroville.