Learn to Draw : figure drawing, still life, portrait, nature, and much more by Suraj Dwivedi

  • When: 4:00 – 6:00pm – Every Saturday
  • Where: Studio Oorja, Old Auroville Road, Next to New Police Booth, Opposite Sangamam Community, Bommyarpalayyam

Suraj Dwivedi is an Artist, Architect, Educator, Visiting Professor in
School of Architecture and Design at SRM University. He has been in
and around Auroville and its bio region for years, experimenting and
exploring Art, Architecture, Design and its role in Human life.
He loves to draw and considers it as an important daily ritual for
renewing our emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. He is
teaching students of various age group for more than three years on
how to Perceive, See, Visualize and Express through drawing. He
believes everyone can draw and in return enjoy the immense
benefits that this visual art has to offer.