• When: 3 pm. 4 feb.
  • Where: Cinema Paradiso

screening & sharing by Cho Yong-kyu

cinematographer of Secret Sunshine

Lee shot in CinemaScope for the first time. “Most suspense movies aren’t made in CinemaScope,” he said, “but I thought it would be a good way to show the little things, the details in our daily life. I felt that CinemaScope could be a way of telling this story which is not just about what you see, but also touches on what is hidden. I tried to compose the scenes in such a way that you are not aware of the composition, only fluidity.” The New York Times

Secret Sunshine, 2007 South Korea, 142 mins, English subtitles

dir: Lee Chang-dong

CaSt: Jeon Do-yeon (Best Actress, Cannes), Song Kang-ho

& meet acclaimed South Korean documentarist Kim Young-rho

  • When: 8 pm. 4 feb.
  • Where: Gaia’s Garden